Limousine and Taxi Service in Antibes Juan les Pins Cap d’Antibes : War against Luxury Hotel Concierge?

The war against luxury hotels concierges in Juan les Pins Cap d’Antibes on the commissions charged for making airport transfers by taxi or limousine will she take place?
Corporate chauffeur car are outraged by this blackmail: You have to pay for work and who pay at the end: This is the customer!
This must stop, because the situation is the same in all 4 and 5 star hotels of the French Riviera. Directions of these hotels are not aware or do leave.

By example, if you want a really good taxi service from Antibes, Juan Les Pins Cap d’Antibes to Nice Airport, you will be charged around 65€, but if you make the taxi or limousine reservation by the Concierge it will cost 85€.

In Cannes to go to the airport, the concierge taxi service can be 120€.

Ilfe is beautiful…..

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