Taxi and Car with driver : Blockade of Monaco after the annual Tax Vignette Automobile

What’s the hell with Monaco for pick up customers?

Nice airport Taxi and Car with driver intend to block Monaco Access

Some of Car with driver; Taxi and Limousine firms intend to block Monaco and concentrate their business only on Cannes and Antibes from and to Nice airport

Here is what they intend to do on Friday :


Following the formal request submitted to the Prefecture for snail” July 11 operation, we were contacted by the Directorate General Information which, after several exchanges, we propose to be immediately received by the sub-prefect of Alpes Maritimes proceed as follows:

Friday, July 11 At 10:00

RALLY TO THE FOOT OF MARITIME ALPS Prefecture – No blocking.

(We will send the panels with sloganslater.)

11:00 A) Representatives of the profession will be received by the sub-prefect to be exposed that our claims about the establishment arbitrary and unilateral right care in the Principality of Monaco amounting to

€ 1,800 per year per vehicle.

We accepted this proposal as we move towards a positive result and we do not want in any case give a bad image (as in some major events), our profession.

CLASS FIRMING AND DIGNITY remain justified our final claims.

We must be VERY MANY before the Prefecture

Circulate register prepare slogans we mobilize to ensure the success of this event.


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