Taxi strike at Nice airport 11 Juin 2014 : Taxi outlaw?

The French government can not oppose the taxi strike on June 11th At Nice Airport
Taxis want to keep the monopoly of the carriage of passengers in France
Nice airport will become a lawless zone June 11, 2014 and the companies cars with drivers do not work that day for fear of violence and material damage

Taxis supposedly opposes Uber, but in fact they oppose Thévenoud report and all VTC.
A color for all taxis in France but also innovation Uber geolocation for all

They want the death of all companies chauffeur car at Nice Airport but also in all European capitals.

Will the Police and French Government defend VTC ? Or are they afraid of Taxi Strike at Nice Airport?

Most of the Car With Driver Firms at Nice Airport Cannes Antibes are legal and offer the best service and price for an airport transfer

 Failure to assist a person in danger? As drivers blocked at Nice Airport or cars destructed?
Can Uber do something with 1 Billion?
Perhaps when A Nice Airport Taxi will kill VTC someone will react

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