Private Taxi Van European Heart House Sophia Antipolis

If you are going from Taxi Nice Airport to European Heart House in Sophia Antipolis (ESC European Society of Cardiology) we give you the advice to book in advance a private taxi with flat rate.

The access to Sophia Antipolis is sometimes difficult about traffic exactly between 8:30am till 9:30am and from 5pm and 7pm, if you take a taxi from Sophia Antipolis to Nice Airport at that time, you will remember the invoice.

SOmetimes there is so much traffic that the time to go to the airport from Sophia ANtipolis can be 50minutes, sometimes 1 hour.

Choose a private taxi transfer, we give you the best price and the best service from Nice Airport to European Heart House in Sophia ANtipolis to Nice Airport and from Sophia to Nice Airport, Port, Center.

Ask us how much does it cost and how much time from Nice Airport to SOphia ANtipolis by Taxi or Van for congress and Seminars, you will have the best price :

Cheap Taxi Nice Airport

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