Nothing but a Flat Rate Taxi Nice Airport to Cannes Palais des Festivals

Soon, is coming Mipim 2013 in Cannes palais des Festivals, our happy customers have already booked their private taxi or minibus for their arrival at Nice Airport.

During those periods, Mipim, Cannes Film Festival, it can take more than 45 minutes to go to Cannes from Nice Airport by taxi and it can cost more than 90€.

In the other way from Cannes to Nice Airport, if you leave around 5:00 pm and after the cost of a Taxi can be more than 100€ and you can spend 1 hour to go from Palais des Festivals to Nice according to the high traffic.

When you book or pre book a private taxi from Nice airport to Cannes you have a Flat Rate, you know in advance how much it costs and you don’t have to wait more than 30 minutes for a taxi!

We find for you the best price and the best service for your airport transfer car with driver!

Just ask for a quote, you will have it immediatly !

quote price taxi nice airport to cannes Antibes, Monaco

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