Why Uber is not good in spite of billions dollars?

Why uber is not the best despite millions of dollars?

Could do better !!! But do not do it!

Exploitation of drivers sometimes working for less than the minimum wage but remaining in suspense when a red zone appears!

Customer fooled but similar to a flock of sheep …

We are all trapped because Uber is supposed not to be expensive, we would almost appreciate the inhuman wages paid in China or elsewhere and especially to enjoy it outside the quality of service!

Bad marketing image despite efforts, bad business strategy.

The most demanding customers are turning to more reliable airport transfer services with a personalized welcome.

Uniformisation, Sad evolution of commercial companies forgetting the human dimension based on the greed!

Who’s in charge of Uber? Bad in its commercial strategy giving way to other exploiters as little talented but also managing to raise millions of dollars!

Not logical, it’s only taxis ….

Power of money attracting lower and medium Classes but we hope some know what is really quality and service !

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Shut Up Travis Kalanick Uber !

Travis will not be tomorrow’s front line to face the wrath of taxis in France.
 Cars with driver  firms alone will face taxis perhaps armed with Kalashnikovs.

VTC companies in France are as pawns for Travis Kalanick who must think that money gives the power to say everything.

Hey Travis, come tomorrow at Nice Airport and take a car with Uber on

I can give you some arrivals from Nice Airport to Cannes

Have you Balls?

Meanwhile companies VTC who do their work are struggling to survive and the serious ones won’t work tomorrow even for Uber who have send a mail : Taxi Strike in France, mobilize a lot of work!

It’s just not serious…..

SHUT UP Travis Kalanik Uber