End of Taxi Monopoly in France?

It looks like usual taxis in France are dead, like a rumour of an ending monopoly.

VTC ( Tourism Car with Driver) are going to win en evident war : Better service, Ponctuality, good prices!

The corporation of French Taxis shows today violence, intolerance by their action.

Customers are not silly, prohibitive prices, refusal of short fares…..

It looks like French Government cannot accept anymore those violence.

Car with driver at disposal can smile with their flat rate and excellent service.

Specially in Paris and Nice Airport!

We help you to find the best private taxi service car with driver  from Nice Airport to Cannes Monaco Antibes.


Private Taxi Minibus Service Cannes Mipcom 2013 from Nice Airport

For your taxi service from Nice Airport to Cannes Palais des Festivals Mipcom 2013 you can book a car with driver starting at a flat rate price of 70€.

This private taxi service is all included and you can pay by credit card Visa American Express and have a top quality driver for a sedan.

You also can pre book a van at a fixed price for 6, 7, or 8 persons to go to Cannes Croisette.

Nice Airport transfer Reservation

Private Taxi Van European Heart House Sophia Antipolis

If you are going from Taxi Nice Airport to European Heart House in Sophia Antipolis (ESC European Society of Cardiology) we give you the advice to book in advance a private taxi with flat rate.

The access to Sophia Antipolis is sometimes difficult about traffic exactly between 8:30am till 9:30am and from 5pm and 7pm, if you take a taxi from Sophia Antipolis to Nice Airport at that time, you will remember the invoice.

SOmetimes there is so much traffic that the time to go to the airport from Sophia ANtipolis can be 50minutes, sometimes 1 hour.

Choose a private taxi transfer, we give you the best price and the best service from Nice Airport to European Heart House in Sophia ANtipolis to Nice Airport and from Sophia to Nice Airport, Port, Center.

Ask us how much does it cost and how much time from Nice Airport to SOphia ANtipolis by Taxi or Van for congress and Seminars, you will have the best price :

Cheap Taxi Nice Airport

Taxi Price Nice Airport to Cannes Carlton

How much does it cost from Nice Airport to Cannes Carlton by Taxi or Van?

How much does it cost from Cannes to Nice Airport

Price Taxi Cannes Carlton

It can be a lot specially if you don’t speak a word of french !

Nice Airport Transfer offers you a fixed Taxi price from Cannes to Nice Airport and a great quality of service.

Our car with driver Nice Airport service is the best about price, kindness and service !

Our Taxi service accepts credit cards, American Express, Visa and provides baby seats, vans and Ipad on request.

Don’t wait anymore at the Cannes Taxi Station and pay a flat rate for your car with driver transfer to Nice Airport.

Ask us for the price, cost from to go from Cannes Carlton to Nice Airport :

Cheap Taxi Nice Airport

Cannes Mipim 2013 : It is time to book a private Taxi Nice Airport

Mipim 2013 12/15 Mars Palais des Festivals Cannes

Nice Airport Transfer Quote informs you of the necessity to book in advance your private Taxi or Van Minibus from Nice Airport to Cannes in order to have the best service and the best price for your taxi fare.

Every year specially when you go back to Nice Airport from Cannes, you can wait for the Cannes Taxi Service for more than 1 hour.

Booking with us is 100% satisfaction and the insurance to be on time for your departure at Nice Airport.

Get a quote and book or pre book your Nice Airport Taxi to Cannes in less than 30 minutes :

30 minutes Taxi Quote Nice AirportNice Airport to Festival International des Jeux Cannes

General Aviation Terminal – Terminal Aviation d’Affaires -Nice Airport-Book your Private Taxi or Limousine

PERSONALIZED Limousine or Private Taxi WELCOME SERVICE for your arrival at Nice Airport General Aviation Terminal

Book your private taxi or limousine Nice Airport General Aviation terminal

You are the captain of a Luxury Yacht and you want to welcome your boss?

Your are keeper house and you want to have the best service to welcome your boss?

You are the big boss of your company in Sophia Antipolis and you want to welcome the big international boss of your company?

Leave nothing to chance for your private taxi or Limousine transfer from Nice Airport General Aviation Terminal to Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, Sophia Antipolis.

Ask us the best private taxi or Limousine service at the best price!

We satisfy every needs and demands and offer you both Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Minivan or nice usual cars.

Book or Pre-book your Nice Airport transfer :