Taxi Antibes juan les pins Cap d’Antibes for Christmas and New year Eve

You can book or pre book a car with driver better tan Taxi Antibes Juan les pins cap d’antibes for Christmas and new year’s Eve to go to Nice airport or others destinations.

Most of Taxi and car with driver don’t work on that day

SOS TAXI Antibes

You need a taxi in Antibes, but no one answer, you need to go to Nice Airport, you may sing Rihanna song :S-O-S please someone help me.
It’s not healthy for me to feel this 

To find an early morning taxi or  taxi on sunday in Antibes, Cap d’Antibes or Juan les Pins, it can be difficult

The team of Nice Airport transfer is sometimes better than a taxi service and very reliable

Just book before your airport transfer from Antibes to Nice airport or try to call our car with driver service at the last minute


Limousine and Taxi Service in Antibes Juan les Pins Cap d’Antibes : War against Luxury Hotel Concierge?

The war against luxury hotels concierges in Juan les Pins Cap d’Antibes on the commissions charged for making airport transfers by taxi or limousine will she take place?
Corporate chauffeur car are outraged by this blackmail: You have to pay for work and who pay at the end: This is the customer!
This must stop, because the situation is the same in all 4 and 5 star hotels of the French Riviera. Directions of these hotels are not aware or do leave.

By example, if you want a really good taxi service from Antibes, Juan Les Pins Cap d’Antibes to Nice Airport, you will be charged around 65€, but if you make the taxi or limousine reservation by the Concierge it will cost 85€.

In Cannes to go to the airport, the concierge taxi service can be 120€.

Ilfe is beautiful…..

TAXI ANTIBES : How Much Does It Cost? Antibes Nice Airport, Nice Airport Antibes

With a private Taxi Car with Driver from Antibes Nice Airport remember you have a fixed price!

No surprise according to the traffic!

No surprise to pay more than the price given to you at your reservation for your airport transfer from ANtibes to Nice Airport!

According to the seasons the usual correct price Taxi Antibes Nice Airport, Nice Airport Antibes is between 55 € and 65€ for a usual car with driver!

For a Limousine Antibes Nice Airport and Nice Airport Antibes the price is around 95€ to 160€!

For the best price and the best service for your airport transfer Antibes Nice Airport oe Nice Airport Antibes:

Ask us for a quotation: