Nice Airport Transfer to Mipim Cannes 2018 : Have the best car with driver Service

Some PA don’care or don’t know the best taxi service from Nice Airport to Cannes, some let their boss take Uber, they don’t think about a nice car with driver service including also Limo Service : So many offers on internet, so many prices.

The reality is that some are bad with low cost prices, they even don’t know the driver they will send.

Taxi Nice airport is a risk of really high price and a long time to wait during big events in Cannes,Nice or Monaco

So trust us to book, our reputation is one of the best in French Riviera Côte d’Azur for airport transfers from Nice,Cannes Airport, Monaco Héliport or St Tropez

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Trustech 2016 Cannes : Don’t wait for a Taxi at Nice Airport

Nice Airport Transfer is the best airport transfer service in Côte d’Azur

For your airport transfer fo Cannes Trustech 2016 it is wise to book in advance in oreder not to wait for a taxi in Cannes or Nice Airport

We provide Minivan with driver at disposal, S Class Mercedes and have a range of economic cars.

Our references are famous for business airport transfer for Cannes events

We accept American Express, Visa Mastercard

Yuri Buenaventura Antibes Anthea

Our Nice Airport Transfer Firm was in charge of Yuri Buenaventura  during his show in Antibes.

His show was incredible, fullfilled of life, joy and osmose with incredible musicians.

Our service is available for you even if you are not a star; we care the same way with our 100% human and helpful service.

We think an Nice Airport Transfer can be different, can be a relaxing moment, far away business with some melody of Diana Krall, Doris Day, Nat King Cole….

Try us for your Nice Airport Transfer to Antibes, Cannes, Monaco

Book the best Taxi and Limo Service Nice Airport

Why Nice Airport Transfer Quote is better than Uber or Chauffeur Privé?

As our society moves towards a mass market where the human relationship may become nonexistent

Chris Teller, founder of http://www.nice airport, think that  reservation on line for Taxi Nice Airport to Cannes,Antibes, Monaco, just based on a lucrative relationship is doomed to failure.

Except if humans become as sheeps…..

A lot of Nice Airport Car Company with drivers are not satisfied with Uber prices.

When such a company that works with Uber or Chauffeur Privé takes you, the human relationship is damaged

Moreover, you don’t know how will be your driver and that same driver may just want you work directly with him.

That is the reason why nice airport transfer quote wants to emphasize the importance of booking human character, the person online can advise you, guarantee the quality and seriousness of your driver.

Some drivers are bad, not smiling, they do their job with no sensitivity, no respect, no kindness.

Nice Airport transfer knows each driver who will take you in charge from Nice to Cannes or others destinations and can guarantee the quality of service and price, we are based in Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Cap d’Antibes

Moreover we can advice you on the best way to go to your destination without being only money oriented

Do you really want a car with no driver for the future, with a robot?

Yes that can be fun a while, for a try….

We believe relationship is the most important, big firms wants replace human by machines and you are oriented to this by supermarkets, banks, transportation firms often by a real human who will loose his job when it will be effective.

Best Taxi service Cannes

Nice and Cannes Taxis block Car with Driver Firms for Cannes Film Festival

14 th May 2014 : Taxis Cannes block car companies with driver
Still escalating violence in Nice Airport
Anger taxis seems justified in relation to the resurgence of VTC companies from all over France and even abroad to take this gold market

Too much buzz from big Car with driver firms coming from Paris just for Cannes Film Festival
In addition many illegal taxis are present and it is the real problem.
No taxi at the airport of Nice, Cannes or Antibes, only people who booked a VTC will have the chance not to wait for the best drivers will come to look for.

The best firms have all legal authorization and insurance, be careful, they don’t have to let you at the Kiss and Fly at Nice Airport, they have special access

Check when you book a car with driver or Taxi in Cannes or Nice AIrport. help you to find the best with all legal guaranteeslogonatqtel

End of Taxi Monopoly in France?

It looks like usual taxis in France are dead, like a rumour of an ending monopoly.

VTC ( Tourism Car with Driver) are going to win en evident war : Better service, Ponctuality, good prices!

The corporation of French Taxis shows today violence, intolerance by their action.

Customers are not silly, prohibitive prices, refusal of short fares…..

It looks like French Government cannot accept anymore those violence.

Car with driver at disposal can smile with their flat rate and excellent service.

Specially in Paris and Nice Airport!

We help you to find the best private taxi service car with driver  from Nice Airport to Cannes Monaco Antibes.


Nice Airport Taxi 1 hour waiting for a cab at 1pm.

Yesterday it was the air-traffic controller strike in France and to get a taxi at Nice Airport for those who don’t get car with driver reservation, it was not very fun to wait for a cab at 1 and 2pm for 1 hour !

You really want to wait for a taxi Nice Aiport?

You really want to wait for a taxi Nice Aiport?

Avoid waiting time and book your private Taxi with driver from Nice Airport to Cannes, Monaco, Antibes, ST Tropez with our best Taxi service flat rate on the Côte d’Azur.

Our drivers are among the best : Elegant, Kind, Safe ! is becoming every day the reference for all kind of transportation and sightseeing tour on Côte d’Azur French Riviera.

You will never wait at Nice Airport for us except in case of big problems as nuclear war, earthquake etc….

We care for you !

To book or pre-book your Nice Aiport transfer or your car with driver best private taxi service from Low cost but High quality to Limousine Mercedes Class S or Rolls Royce:

Ask us a “How much does it cost from Nice Airport to Cannes, Monaco, St Tropez, Antibes(private taxi service or Limousine :

 Taxi Nice Airport