Mipim Cannes 2015 : Book Your Nice Airport Transfer to Cannes in advance and avoid Low Cost

As a perfect assistant to your manager, you need a perfect and reliable airport transfer from Nice Airport to Cannes during the Mipim 2015, you can’t bear a mistake or take the risk to have a no show taxi or limousine service.

You may be attracted by a very low cost price  airport transfer from Nice to Cannes or just let your boss take a usual Taxi at Nice Airport.

If you are experimented you know what I am going to tell you, if not please read the following informations :

1) Very low cost taxi service or car with driver during big events in Cannes is no sense, it is often proposed by one car firm or bad service companies : They can’t manage it

2) Avoid internet booking from firms doing airport transfers all over the world, they even don’t know the firm or the driver.

3) Taxi Nice Airport : It is a real lottery and you can wait more than 30 minutes to have one!

Nice Airport Transfer Quote is one of the best reliable car with driver firm in Cannes Nice Airport comparing to Taxi, we gurantee a 100% satisfaction and give you money back if you are not fully satisfied.

If big traffic problem or accident we have a capacity of 10 cars in Nice Airport, if really no solutions we pay for your Taxi.

The best way is to book or pre book in advance your Nice Airport Transfer from and to Cannes, your driver will wait for you just at the exit of luggages, he will be Classy, helpful with immaculate car.

You will have the choice of Limousine service car with driver Cannes Nice AIrport as Mercedes E Class,Mercedes S Class,Minivan Viano,Minivan V Class and Excecutive Business Cars.

Check our customers reviews who used our car with driver firm for Airport Transfer from Nice Airport to Monaco, Sophia Antipolis, Cannes, St Tropez, Antibes Cap d’Antibes, Nice Center and for many seminars in Franch Riviera

Please check our customers reviews (real customers) https://www.trustpilot.fr/review/www.niceairporttransfer.me
We accept Credit Card for your Cannes Nice Airport Transfer Car with driver private Taxi or Limousine Visa Mastercard American Express Amex
Book Car with driver reliable service Taxi Cannes Nice Airport

Book Car with driver reliable service Taxi Cannes Nice Airport

Have the best and Reliable Taxi Service In Cannes Nice Airport

Have the best and Reliable Taxi Service In Cannes Nice Airport

Private Taxi Minibus Service Cannes Mipcom 2013 from Nice Airport

For your taxi service from Nice Airport to Cannes Palais des Festivals Mipcom 2013 you can book a car with driver starting at a flat rate price of 70€.

This private taxi service is all included and you can pay by credit card Visa American Express and have a top quality driver for a sedan.

You also can pre book a van at a fixed price for 6, 7, or 8 persons to go to Cannes Croisette.

Nice Airport transfer Reservation

Private Taxi Car with Driver Majestic Cannes : Nice Organization !

The 2013 Cannes Film Festival is ending in Cannes, if you have come from taxi nice airport, car with driver or Limousine to Hôtel Majestic, you have noticed the perfect organization of the team.

Taxi Nice AIrport to Majestic Cannes

Once again some people have paid double price for their taxi airport transfer from Nice Airport to Cannes or from Cannes to Nice Airport.

By example : Price Flat Rate with the same car from Cannes to Nice Airport.

Who are the unlucky customers?

All the film production firms and big fashion label and luxury firms.

Idem for the customers who have book from their taxi Cannes or Nice airport transfer from reception desk.


Mercedes Viano Nice AIrport to Cannes 190€

Mercedes Viano Nice AIrport to Cannes 190€

Mercedes Viano Nice AIrport to Cannes : 120€

Mercedes Viano Nice AIrport to Cannes : 120€

Mercedes Viano Nice AIrport to Cannes Best Price with www.niceairporttransfer.me  85€

Mercedes Viano Nice AIrport to Cannes Best Price with http://www.niceairporttransfer.me 85€

Taxi Cannes Film Festival : High Prices from Nice Airport to Cannes

For the Cannes Film Festival 2013 you should pay a very high price if you take Nice Airport Taxi to Cannes if you are not enough prudent to book or pre book a private car with driver!


Because the main boulevard of Cannes is under work.

The estimate time to go from Nice Airport to Cannes by taxi could be more than one hour during rush hours and the price/cost/fare for a taxi could reach high level.

Rain will be invited again to Cannes Film Festival so it will be really a mess !

Some advices for your private taxi coming to Cannes from Nice Airport :

Don’t arrive around 5:00pm to Nice Airport

Don’t choose a one driver firm (they won’t be able to manage with traffic jam)

Don’t take a taxi from Nice Airport or from Cannes (you could pay an enormous price)

If you leave Cannes around 5/7pm take care about the departure of your flight, in case of traffic it can takes 1:30 hour to reach Nice Airport.

Book or pre book your private taxi from Cannes to Nice Airport with Nice Airport Transfer, WE MANAGE!

Cheap Taxi Nice Airport

Taxi Price Nice Airport to Cannes Carlton

How much does it cost from Nice Airport to Cannes Carlton by Taxi or Van?

How much does it cost from Cannes to Nice Airport

Price Taxi Cannes Carlton

It can be a lot specially if you don’t speak a word of french !

Nice Airport Transfer offers you a fixed Taxi price from Cannes to Nice Airport and a great quality of service.

Our car with driver Nice Airport service is the best about price, kindness and service !

Our Taxi service accepts credit cards, American Express, Visa and provides baby seats, vans and Ipad on request.

Don’t wait anymore at the Cannes Taxi Station and pay a flat rate for your car with driver transfer to Nice Airport.

Ask us for the price, cost from to go from Cannes Carlton to Nice Airport :

Cheap Taxi Nice Airport

Nothing but a Flat Rate Taxi Nice Airport to Cannes Palais des Festivals

Soon, is coming Mipim 2013 in Cannes palais des Festivals, our happy customers have already booked their private taxi or minibus for their arrival at Nice Airport.

During those periods, Mipim, Cannes Film Festival, it can take more than 45 minutes to go to Cannes from Nice Airport by taxi and it can cost more than 90€.

In the other way from Cannes to Nice Airport, if you leave around 5:00 pm and after the cost of a Taxi can be more than 100€ and you can spend 1 hour to go from Palais des Festivals to Nice according to the high traffic.

When you book or pre book a private taxi from Nice airport to Cannes you have a Flat Rate, you know in advance how much it costs and you don’t have to wait more than 30 minutes for a taxi!

We find for you the best price and the best service for your airport transfer car with driver!

Just ask for a quote, you will have it immediatly !

quote price taxi nice airport to cannes Antibes, Monaco

Price Cost Fare Private Taxi Limousine From and To Nice Airport

Got your quote in less than 30 minutes for your airport transfer from and to Nice Airport to every destinations on French Riviera Côte d’Azur!

quote price taxi nice airport to cannes Antibes, Monaco

Some Private Taxi Average Low Cost Price Examples from Nice Airport happy hours for 1 to 3 persons:

  • Taxi Nice Airport from and to Cannes :from 70€

  • Taxi Nice Airport from and to Antibes : from 55€

  • Taxi Nice Airport from and to Monaco :from 70€

  • Taxi Nice Airport to Nice Center : from 29€

Private Taxi Fares from Nice Airport are cheaper during happy hours 10/12 am-14/16pm.

For early morning and night, day off and holidays private taxi you add around 20%.

Depending on our partners we offer you the best price and the best service for your Nice Airport Transfer.

We provide big taxi minivan, Limousine, Low Cost Car With Driver from Nice Airport to Cannes, Antibes, Monaco, St Tropez, Isola 2000, Valberg, Auron, Villefranche sur Mer, St Jean Cap Ferrat! and all the following towns :

  •              Aiglun

  • •          Amirat

  • •          Andon

  • •          Antibes

  • •          Ascros

  • •          Aspremont

  • •          Auribeau-sur-Siagne

  •            Auron

  • •          Auvare

  • •          Bairols

  • •          Beaulieu-sur-Mer

  • •          Beausoleil

  • •          Belvédère

  • •          Bendejun

  • •          Berre-les-Alpes

  • •          Beuil

  • •          Bézaudun-les-Alpes

  • •          Biot

  • •          Blausasc

  • •          Bonson

  • •          Bouyon

  •             Cannes

  • •          Cantaron

  • •          Cap-d’Ail

  • •          Carros

  • •          Castagniers

  • •          Castellar

  • •          Castillon

  • •          Caussols

  • •          Châteauneuf-d’Entraunes

  • •          Châteauneuf-Grasse

  • •          Châteauneuf-Villevieille

  • •          Cipières

  • •          Clans

  • •          Coaraze

  • •          Collongues

  • •          Colomars

  • •          Conségudes

  • •          Contes

  • •          Courmes

  • •          Coursegoules

  • •          Cuébris

  • •          Daluis

  • •          Drap

  • •          Duranus

  • •          Entraunes

  • •          Escragnolles

  • •          Eze

  • •          Falicon

  • •          Fontan

  • •          Gars

  • •          Gattières

  • •          Gilette

  • •          Gorbio

  • •          Gourdon

  • •          Grasse

  • •          Gréolières

  • •          Guillaumes

  • •          Ilonse

  • •          Isola

  • •          L’Escarène

  • •          La Bollène-Vésubie

  • •          La Brigue

  • •          La Colle-sur-Loup

  • •          La Croix-sur-Roudoule

  • •          La Gaude

  • •          La Penne

  • •          La Roquette-sur-Siagne

  • •          La Roquette-sur-Var

  • •          La Tour

  • •          La Trinité

  • •          La Turbie

  • •          Lanto

  • •          Le Broc

  • •          Le Cannet

  •            Le Mas

  • •          Le Rouret

  • •          Le Tignet

  • •          Les Ferres

  • •          Les Mujouls

  • •          Levens

  • •          Lieuche

  • •          Lucéram

  • •          Malaussène

  • •          Mandelieu-la-Napoule

  • •          Marie

  • •          Massoins

  • •          Menton

  • •          Mouans-Sartoux

  • •          Mougins

  • •          Moulinet

  • •          Nice

  • •          Opio

  • •          Pégomas

  • •          Peille

  • •          Peillon

  • •          Péone

  • •          Peymeinade

  • •          Pierlas

  • •          Pierrefeu

  • •          Puget-Rostang

  • •          Puget-Théniers

  • •          Revest-les-Roches

  • •          Rigaud

  • •          Rimplas

  • •          Roquebillière

  • •          Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

  • •          Roquefort-les-Pins

  • •          Roquesteron

  • •          Roquestéron-Grasse

  • •          Roubion

  • •          Roure

  • •          Saint-André-de-la-Roche

  • •          Saint-Antonin

  • •          Saint-Auban

  • •          Saint-Blaise

  • •          Saint-Cézaire-sur-Siagne

  • •          Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage

  • •          Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée

  • •          Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

  • •          Saint-Laurent-du-Var

  • •          Saint-Léger

  • •          Saint-Martin-d’Entraunes

  • •          Saint-Martin-du-Var

  • •          Saint-Martin-Vésubie

  • •          Saint-Paul-de-Vence

  • •          Saint-Sauveur-sur-Tinée

  • •          Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey

  • •          Sainte-Agnès

  • •          Sallagriffon

  • •          Saorge

  • •          Sauze

  • •          Séranon

  • •          Sigale

  •             Sophia-Antipolis

  • •          Sospel

  • •          Spéracèdes

  • •          Tende

  • •          Théoule-sur-Mer

  • •          Thiéry

  • •          Toudon

  • •          Touët-de-l’Escarène

  • •          Touët-sur-Var

  • •          Tourette-du-Château

  • •          Tournefort

  • •          Tourrette-Levens

  • •          Tourrettes-sur-Loup

  • •          Utelle

  • •          Valbonne

  •             Valberg

  • •          Valdeblore

  • •          Valderoure

  • •          Vallauris

  • •          Venanson

  • •          Vence

  • •          Villars-sur-Var

  • •          Villefranche-sur-Mer

  • Villeneuve-d’Entraunes

  • Villeneuve-Loubet