Private Driver Antibes Cap d’Antibes

Are you looking for a private driver in Antibes, Cap d’Antibes, Juan les Pins, Cannes, Vallauris Golfe Juan, Zencar is the best alternative to Taxis because our goal is to establish a relationship of trust, discretion, support and help our customers.

Many customers trust us thanks to our reliability, our sense of service and the attention paid to their well-being.

You can ask us anything you want: Support in Antibes hairdresser, doctor, formalities.

We also offer a support and human presence service

Taxi Cannes Lions 2019

Book or pre book your Taxi Nice Airport Cannes for Cannes Lions 2019

Know it is wise to book in avance the best taxi service in Cannes because Cannes Lions is becoming the biggest event and it is very difficult to fin a taxi in cannes or a car with driver service

Know that Uber in that period have prices x 4 from Cannes to Nice Airport

we have people carrier

Taxi Antibes: Zencar 33 chemin de la colle antibes our best partner

When you need a taxi in Antibes, zencar will be your partner to take you to Nice Airport with best service and drivers

People carrier up to 8 passengers Mercedes and VW minivan or mibibus can take you from Nice Airport to Antibes Juan les Pins or Cap d’Antibes

We also have a Limousine service in Antibes Cannes St tropez and Monaco with S Class Mercedes

Cruise Terminal Antibes Sightseeing tour and airport transfer

You need a sightseeing tour when you arrive in Antibes, our team will welcome you in Port Vauban where the tender arrives.

We concentrate on tour entire satisfaction and show you the essential in a short time

No commercial tour, no people carrier with other people, it is a hand made tour and our drivers are very nice

You can ask us airport transfer from Antibes to Nice airport or others destinations

Minibus with driver service for wedding Cannes, Cap d’Antibes, Nice, Monaco,St Tropez

You look to book people carrier Service for your wedding in Cannes, Cap d’Antibes, Nice, Monaco, St Tropez?

Your car with driver service has to be perfect for that special day!

Our team is one of the best in Côte d’Azur, we own Mercedes vans with driver, E Class and S Class Mercedes available in the main towns of french Riviera.

A personal assistant will give you all informations you can need for the organization

You can call directly +33761683000 available on Whatsapp


Best Limo Service With Driver Nice Airport

Book the best Limo Service with Driver From Nice Airport to Cannes, St Tropez,Monaco,Antibes.

Check our reviews in order to have a perfect service with nice drivers et the right price

Your booking will be done with a personal assistant in order to give you any informations you could need.

Cars with driver available at Nice Airport : S Class Mercedes, V Class Mercedes

Best logistic for Super Yacht Limo Service in Cannes, Monaco, St Tropez,IYCA Port Vauban Antibes

Rent a minivan with driver in Cannes

Rent a minivan with driver in Cannes for your event Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Lions  Mip TV Mipcom and book it in advance

Our minivans can be rent with a driver 24/24 or several hours during day or night

Most of them are Mercedes Minivan or minibus and your driver will be really top and helpful

During a congress in Cannes it can be really perfect to have your minivan with driver at disposal to go to Palais des Festivals, restaurants or disco

Contact us to rent a minivan with driver in Cannes and have the best price and service

Taxi Sophia Antipolis : New Service Nice Airport

Nice Airport Transfer is now associate with the new booking service for Taxi Sophia Antipolis or Limousine car with driver

One of the most reliable firm in French Riviera Côte d’Azur

Monaco : Tax for French Car with Driver Firms and Taxis

What is going to do French Government after the taxes Monaco has stated for French Car with driver and Taxis?

1800€ a year and for 1 car to be allowed to pick up in Monaco and 720€ more for Monaco Grand Prix!

Monaco plays protectionism?

We know in fact high prices practised by Monaco car with drivers firms, and we know it can be really less expensive with french firms using the same car for a Nice Airport transfer

Why Nice Airport Transfer Quote is better than Uber or Chauffeur Privé?

As our society moves towards a mass market where the human relationship may become nonexistent

Chris Teller, founder of http://www.nice airport, think that  reservation on line for Taxi Nice Airport to Cannes,Antibes, Monaco, just based on a lucrative relationship is doomed to failure.

Except if humans become as sheeps…..

A lot of Nice Airport Car Company with drivers are not satisfied with Uber prices.

When such a company that works with Uber or Chauffeur Privé takes you, the human relationship is damaged

Moreover, you don’t know how will be your driver and that same driver may just want you work directly with him.

That is the reason why nice airport transfer quote wants to emphasize the importance of booking human character, the person online can advise you, guarantee the quality and seriousness of your driver.

Some drivers are bad, not smiling, they do their job with no sensitivity, no respect, no kindness.

Nice Airport transfer knows each driver who will take you in charge from Nice to Cannes or others destinations and can guarantee the quality of service and price, we are based in Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Cap d’Antibes

Moreover we can advice you on the best way to go to your destination without being only money oriented

Do you really want a car with no driver for the future, with a robot?

Yes that can be fun a while, for a try….

We believe relationship is the most important, big firms wants replace human by machines and you are oriented to this by supermarkets, banks, transportation firms often by a real human who will loose his job when it will be effective.

Best Taxi service Cannes

Taxi strike at Nice airport 11 Juin 2014 : Taxi outlaw?

The French government can not oppose the taxi strike on June 11th At Nice Airport
Taxis want to keep the monopoly of the carriage of passengers in France
Nice airport will become a lawless zone June 11, 2014 and the companies cars with drivers do not work that day for fear of violence and material damage

Taxis supposedly opposes Uber, but in fact they oppose Thévenoud report and all VTC.
A color for all taxis in France but also innovation Uber geolocation for all

They want the death of all companies chauffeur car at Nice Airport but also in all European capitals.

Will the Police and French Government defend VTC ? Or are they afraid of Taxi Strike at Nice Airport?

Most of the Car With Driver Firms at Nice Airport Cannes Antibes are legal and offer the best service and price for an airport transfer

 Failure to assist a person in danger? As drivers blocked at Nice Airport or cars destructed?
Can Uber do something with 1 Billion?
Perhaps when A Nice Airport Taxi will kill VTC someone will react

Taxi War With UBER CANNES : It’s Possible !

Yes We Can in Cannes !

Oh when The Saints Fall…..Down !

Ba Moin en Tibo, 2 Tibo…

One Thibaud is enough to create a real mess with Taxi Cannes and Nice Airport.

Uber offers VTC firms of Côte d’Azur  A Jet Flight To Hell from Nice Airport To Cannes and has generated a real Taxi War…According to legal and small VTC Firms (Car With Driver Firms)….



Nice Airport Taxi 1 hour waiting for a cab at 1pm.

Yesterday it was the air-traffic controller strike in France and to get a taxi at Nice Airport for those who don’t get car with driver reservation, it was not very fun to wait for a cab at 1 and 2pm for 1 hour !

You really want to wait for a taxi Nice Aiport?

You really want to wait for a taxi Nice Aiport?

Avoid waiting time and book your private Taxi with driver from Nice Airport to Cannes, Monaco, Antibes, ST Tropez with our best Taxi service flat rate on the Côte d’Azur.

Our drivers are among the best : Elegant, Kind, Safe ! is becoming every day the reference for all kind of transportation and sightseeing tour on Côte d’Azur French Riviera.

You will never wait at Nice Airport for us except in case of big problems as nuclear war, earthquake etc….

We care for you !

To book or pre-book your Nice Aiport transfer or your car with driver best private taxi service from Low cost but High quality to Limousine Mercedes Class S or Rolls Royce:

Ask us a “How much does it cost from Nice Airport to Cannes, Monaco, St Tropez, Antibes(private taxi service or Limousine :

 Taxi Nice Airport

Taxi Nice Airport to Royal Mougins Golf Club

You may need a taxi from Nice airport to Royal Mougins Hotel & Spa Golf club located in the heart of a Provencal forest just at 10 minutes from Cannes and around 40 minutes from Nice airport.

Taxi Nice Airport to Royal Mougins Golf club

You can ask us a minibus, van for your golf equipment, a limousine to go to that nice place in Mougins.

We find for you the best driver, the best price and the best driver to go from Nice Aiport to Hotel Royal Mougins golf club.

Ask us : How much does it cost from Nice Airport to Mougins Golf Club?

You can after book or pre_book your Nice airport private car with driver transfer for Mougins

Nice Airport to Royal Golf Club Mougins

Private Shuttle Taxi minibus Nice Airport for University Foreign Students

Nice Airport Transfer Shuttle and Private Taxi Minibus offers a very good price for foreign Students arriving to Nice Airport Côte d’Azur in order to study in Nice, Sophia Antipolis, Cannes, Mandelieu, Grasse School or University

Check your School or University on the list and ask us a private Taxi Minibus quote for your arrival at Nice Airport.

Nice Airport Student Taxi to Sophia Antipolis Nice Cannes

Nice Airport Student Taxi to Sophia Antipolis Nice Cannes School University

Price from Nice Airport to your school, University on Côte d'Azur

Price from Nice Airport to your school, University on Côte d’Azur

This list comes from the best French internet site for students

Reprinted with their kind permission on the 30 January 2013.

ESPEME Nice (Université catholique de Lille) Privé 06 Nice
EDHEC Global MBA Nice (Université catholique de Lille) Privé 06 Nice
EDHEC Nice (Université catholique de Lille) Privé 06 Nice
Alain-Grégoire consultants Cagnes-sur-Mer Privé 06 Cagnes-sur-Mer
ASFO Grasse Privé 06 Grasse
Campus de formation de Cannes-la-Bocca Privé 06 Cannes-la-Bocca
Campus de formation de Nice Privé 06 Nice
Campus ID Sophia-Antipolis Privé 06 Sophia-Antipolis
CFA DIFCAM PACA Nice Privé 06 Nice
CFA Pierre-Sola Nice Public 06 Nice
CFAA vert d’Azur Antibes Public 06 Antibes
CFPESD Nice Privé 06 Nice
CFPM Nice Privé 06 Nice
CIFE IEEI Nice Privé 06 Nice
CIFE Nice Privé 06 Nice
COA Sophia-Antipolis Privé 06 Sophia-Antipolis
Cours Galien Nice Privé 06 Nice
CREPS Antibes Public 06 Antibes
Ecole de sages-femmes de Nice Public 06 Nice
Ecole hôtelière Cannes-la-Bocca Public 06 Cannes-la-Bocca
Ecole internationale Tunon Nice Privé 06 Nice
Ecole supérieure de danse Serge-Alzetta Nice Privé 06 Nice
Ecole supérieure du tertaire et de l’informatique Mandelieu Privé 06 Mandelieu
Ecoles de Condé Nice Privé 06 Nice
EDJ Nice Privé 06 Nice
Elégance école Gontard – Spa académie Nice Privé 06 Nice
ENSA Nice Public 06 Nice
ENSMP Sophia-Antipolis Public 06 Sophia-Antipolis
Epitech Nice Privé 06 Nice
ERAC Cannes Public 06 Cannes
ESAIP Angers/Grasse Privé 06 Grasse
ESCCOM Cannes Privé 06 Cannes
ESCCOM Nice Privé 06 Nice
ESDC Mougins Privé 06 Mougins
ESRA 3D – Sup’Infograph Nice Privé 06 Nice
ESRA Côte-d’Azur Nice Privé 06 Nice
Eurecom Biot Privé 06 Biot
FAM. Ecole supérieure de conseil en image, relooking et maquillage Nice Privé 06 Nice
GIP Grasse Privé 06 Grasse
GPEI Antibes Privé 06 Antibes
ICH Nice Public 06 Nice
IDRAC Nice – Sophia Antipolis Mougins Privé 06 Mougins
IESTS Nice Privé 06 Nice
IFA Nice Privé 06 Nice
IFCP Nice Privé 06 Nice
IFMK Nice Privé 06 Nice
IFPS Saint-Laurent-du-Var Privé 06 Saint-Laurent-du-Var
IFSI Cannes Public 06 Cannes
IFSI Nice Public 06 Nice
IFSI Sainte-Marie Nice Privé 06 Nice
ILEC Cannes Privé 06 Cannes
ILEC Nice Privé 06 Nice
IMES Nice Privé 06 Nice
INFA PACA Nice Privé 06 Nice
Institut Saint-Joseph Nice Privé 06 Nice
Institut Stanislas Cannes Privé 06 Cannes
INTEC Nice Public 06 Nice
IPAG Nice Privé 06 Nice
IRFSS CRF Nice Privé 06 Nice
ISCAE Nice Privé 06 Nice
ISP Fénelon Grasse Privé 06 Grasse
ISTS Nice Privé 06 Nice
Lexopen Nice Privé 06 Nice
Lycée Albert-Calmette Nice Public 06 Nice
Lycée Alexis-de-Tocqueville Grasse Public 06 Grasse
Lycée Amiral-de-Grasse Public 06 Grasse
Lycée Auguste-Renoir Cagnes-sur-Mer Public 06 Cagnes-sur-Mer
Lycée Beau-Site Nice Public 06 Nice
Lycée Bristol Cannes Public 06 Cannes
Lycée Carnot Cannes Public 06 Cannes
Lycée des métiers de l’hôtellerie et du tourisme Paul-Augier Nice Public 06 Nice
Lycée des métiers les Côteaux Cannes Public 06 Cannes
Lycée Guillaume-Apollinaire Nice Public 06 Nice
Lycée Honoré-d’Estienne-d’Orves Nice Public 06 Nice
Lycée horticole d’Antibes Public 06 Antibes
Lycée international de Valbonne Sophia-Antipolis Public 06 Sophia-Antipolis
Lycée Jacques-Audiberti Antibes Public 06 Antibes
Lycée Jules-Ferry Cannes Public 06 Cannes
Lycée le Parc-Impérial Nice Public 06 Nice
Lycée Léonard-de-Vinci Antibes Public 06 Antibes


Lycée Les Eucalyptus Nice Public 06 Nice
Lycée Masséna Nice Public 06 Nice
Lycée Pierre-et-Marie-Curie Menton Public 06 Menton
Lycée Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Nice Privé 06 Nice
Lycée Sainte-Marie-de-Chavagnes Cannes Privé 06 Cannes
Lycée Sasserno Nice Privé 06 Nice
Lycée Thierry-Maulnier Nice Public 06 Nice
MJM Nice by ITECOM Privé 06 Nice
Nice – Faculté de droit et de science politique Public 06 Nice
Nice – Faculté des sciences Public 06 Nice
Nice – IAE Public 06 Nice
Nice – IDPD Public 06 Nice
Nice – IEJ Public 06 Nice
Nice – ISEM Public 06 Nice
Nice – IUFM Public 06 Nice
Nice – IUT Public 06 Nice
Nice – IUT Cannes-la-Bocca Public 06 Cannes-la-Bocca
Nice – IUT Menton Public 06 Menton
Nice – IUT Valbonne Public 06 Valbonne
Nice – UFR d’odontologie Public 06 Nice
Nice – UFR de médecine Public 06 Nice
Nice – UFR espaces et cultures Public 06 Nice
Nice – UFR LASH Public 06 Nice
Nice – UFR STAPS Public 06 Nice
PGE PGO Nice Privé 06 Nice
Pigier Cannes Privé 06 Cannes
Pigier Nice Privé 06 Nice
Planète sciences Méditerranée Grasse Privé 06 Grasse
Polytech Nice Sophia Sophia-Antipolis (Nice) Public 06 Sophia-Antipolis
Praxis Nice Privé 06 Nice
Pro’artigraph Nice Privé 06 Nice
Prom’Hôte Cannes Privé 06 Cannes
SKEMA Bachelors Sophia-Antipolis Privé 06 Sophia-Antipolis
SKEMA Business School, campus de Sophia-Antipolis Privé 06 Sophia-Antipolis
Sup’ de com Nice Mougins Privé 06 Mougins
SUPINFO campus de Nice Privé 06 Nice
Synopsis paie Nice Privé 06 Nice
The Sustainable Design School Nice Privé 06 Nice
UFA Don Bosco Nice Privé 06 Nice

Nice Airport to Skema Sophia Antipolis

Nothing but a Flat Rate Taxi Nice Airport to Cannes Palais des Festivals

Soon, is coming Mipim 2013 in Cannes palais des Festivals, our happy customers have already booked their private taxi or minibus for their arrival at Nice Airport.

During those periods, Mipim, Cannes Film Festival, it can take more than 45 minutes to go to Cannes from Nice Airport by taxi and it can cost more than 90€.

In the other way from Cannes to Nice Airport, if you leave around 5:00 pm and after the cost of a Taxi can be more than 100€ and you can spend 1 hour to go from Palais des Festivals to Nice according to the high traffic.

When you book or pre book a private taxi from Nice airport to Cannes you have a Flat Rate, you know in advance how much it costs and you don’t have to wait more than 30 minutes for a taxi!

We find for you the best price and the best service for your airport transfer car with driver!

Just ask for a quote, you will have it immediatly !

quote price taxi nice airport to cannes Antibes, Monaco